Luke Fitzpatrick

Luke Fitzpatrick graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Forest Management and a Minor in Wildland Fire Science.  He worked for the Oregon Department of Forestry, the U.S. Forest Service and several private timber companies doing wildlife habitat analysis, fire management, and timber appraisal. During that time Luke spent five years on the fire line protecting Oregon forests.  Luke worked three years for the U.S. Geological Survey studying amphibians and crayfish.   

An entrepreneur at heart, Luke lives adjacent to his family farm where he manages aquaculture operations in his business, "Santiam Valley Aquaculture," raises Labrador retrievers and provides dog training in his business, "Santiam Valley Ranch Labradors," and enjoys a bit of general farm life thrown in here and there.  He works actively with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and has placed 89 acres of his farm into the Wetland Reserve Program.  

As a teenager, Luke attended two Outward Bound programs that changed his life.  Since then he has worked to share his love of the outdoors with as many people as possible and assists the Salem Audubon Society and Ducks Unlimited. He is an avid skier and kayaker.

Since 2014 Luke is pleased to serve on The Bridges Foundation as a Trustee and to ensure that Oregon remains an amazing place for all.