Kathy Bridges

Kathy Bridges has assisted Jack & Nancy Bridges since the creation of The Bridges Foundation in 1987. She was appointed as Executive Director in 2000 and has been a Trustee since 2001.
Kathy has devoted nineteen years to directing non-profit agencies.  Her efforts include directing Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association in Newport, OR (1975-1980), spearheading the Small Farmers Market in Newport, OR (1977-1980), and directing The Children's Guild, Salem, OR (1982-1994) which was later operated by Easter Seals until 2013. Later Kathy worked as manager for artist, Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri, Aurora, OR (1998-2002).
Kathy continues to serve non-profit organizations as a volunteer.  Kathy serves as Secretary/Treasurer for Oregon Aquaculture Association (2004-present).  During this time she has also served on the Oregon State University Sea Grant Extension Aquaculture Advisory Council and the Regional Strategies Committee on Aquaculture through Oregon Department of Agriculture.  Kathy has held the position of Secretary/Treasurer for Northwest Land Conservation Trust (2008-2015) and has served on the Board of Directors for the Autism Society of Oregon (1996-2008).
In 1991 Kathy was honored by Governor Barbara Roberts and Salem YWCA by receiving the "Tribute to Outstanding Women" for significant contributions and services.
Kathy and her husband, Ken Dunder, manage their 150 acre farm which raises warm-water fish for pond stocking, sheep, and organic crops.  In 2012 approximately 99 acres were converted to wetland prairie as part of their involvement in the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service Wetland Reserve Program.  As advocates for renewable energy Kathy and Ken generate up to 52.8 kW of electricity on their farm via a wind turbine and four solar photovoltaic systems.  Both Kathy and Ken are Master Recyclers in Marion County.  Their farm, Santiam Valley Ranch, received the “Green Award” for Sustainable Small Business of the Year in Marion County in 2014.
Kathy lives part-time in Portland as a caregiver for a family member. In 2013 Kathy was elected by residents at Killingsworth Station Condominiums to serve as Chair and later as Co-Chair of the Condominium Owners Association (2013-2015).  
Kathy holds a Bachelor Degree in Zoology with Minors in Chemistry and Political Science and a Masters Degree in Resource Economics from Utah State University. Ken holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from Portland State University.  He manages his own waste water treatment business, Hydrokinetic Systems, Inc.  Together they have raised six sons.