Activities funded by The Bridges Foundation are those approved by the Trustees in accordance with applicable tax laws.  Under IRS 501(c)(3), the mission is broadly stated.  It’s charitable purposes include charitable, scientific, literary or educational activities.

Mission Statement:

To encourage scientific, technological and educational opportunities for young adults to improve the quality of life.

To encourage opportunities for individuals challenged with disability to improve the quality of life.

To encourage respect for the environment and its relevancy to mankind by protecting unaltered ecosystems and mitigate environmental degradation when possible.

To encourage recognition of mankind by valuing historical landmarks, cultural uniqueness, social interaction and economic opportunities.

Pursuant to Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code, anyone can make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation with approval of the Trustees.  If a contribution is designated for a specific project, the contribution will be restricted for its use.  Your contribution to The Bridges Foundation is tax deductible in accordance with applicable law.  The federal taxpayer identification number is 68-0152512.

The Foundation is managed by Kathy Bridges, Executive Director and Trustee, who resides in Turner, Oregon.  The Bridges Foundation is registered with the Oregon Department of Justice, Charitable Activities Section, registration number: 29398.

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