Comments and Quotes About Wilbur E. Ternyik and his Legacy to the State of Oregon and the Oregon Coast

Wilbur Ternyik never expected recognition. His work was the tangible creation of his heart’s vision.
— Senator Mark O. Hatfield
Balancing a passion for coastal resource protection with the needs of developing coastal communities such as Florence is not an assignment for the timid, which is why Wilbur was and is such an important player on the coastal stage.
— Eldon Hout, former manager of Oregon's Ocean and Coastal Management Program, Executive with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington, D.C.
He was fair. Wilbur didn’t use his power to overrun any of us.
— Jack Broome, retired architect from Tualatin, Governor Tom McCall's appointee to OCCDC
Ternyik commanded an enormous level of trust from other coastal officials who often clashed with one another.
— Ellen Lowe, former Salem City Council member, Governor Tom McCall's appointee to OCCDC
God broke the mold when he made Wilbur.
— Jim Ross, former Executive Director, Oregon Coastal Conservation and Development Commission (OCCDC), former Director of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (LCDC)
The man has an uncanny ability to understand what’s happening in nature.
— Onno Husing, Director, Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association
He cared about all (Oregon) ports as a system. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it hadn’t been for the activities Wilbur involved himself in.
— Russ Crabtree, Executive Director of the Port of Brookings Harbor
What Wilbur did for all of us is almost incomprehensible in terms of time and effort he has spent. We owe him a tribute — a lasting memory — so that his efforts will not be forgotten.
— Kathy Bridges, The Bridges Foundation